The Changes EP

by AB13

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This one goes out to the ones who have made an enormous impact on my life in recent years, both positive & negative. The changes that have taken place between then & now have been unexpected. Some events were very unfortunate, but what can we do? Push forward.

Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you: The Changes EP - Download it for free, or pay what you want!


Track descriptions:

1) 'Things Change, What Can We Do?' is more or less a statement to myself. Things come up unexpectedly, & when you don't want to - You can't control it, & I can't control it, & I need to learn that.

2) 'Make Me Numb' is about how I felt shortly after I stopped talking to a few individuals that were very important to me. Wasn't very happy when I first started this.

3) 'Singularity' - a feeling of despair I felt after I ceased communication with someone. I essentially was getting over what took place when I started this. Took quite a few months for me to recover. I was staying up for days on end, didn't want to get out of the house, etc... Essentially, I experienced something I plan to never go through again. I started feeling better - or caring less - about it very recently.

4) 'Bleed' is another story about how I felt after I stopped talking to an old friend of mine. I realized he was with me for the wrong reasons, & I had to sacrifice our friendship in order to stop negativity.

5) 'Cancellation' is about a time in November. Shortly after I released my 11 EP, I was offered a spot in a show. To make a long story short, I unfortunately had to cancel due to personal reasons.

6) 'Metamorphosis' is about the changes I've made and the changes I am currently making in order to better myself, my life, & my future.

7) 'What We See' - This project was for a collaboration with a local "Freak." My collaborator has told me he was swamped with work and unfortunately didn't have time to write lyrics/sing on this project - If a collaboration ever happens with this track, I'll re-release this as a bonus mix with his vocals. Tried to make this track as dark, hard hitting, & mysterious as possible. I say it worked out well.
M, if you're reading this, I really enjoy your live streams and thoughts on the universe and how it works. Keep it up!

8) 'What The Future Brings' started out as a request from a friend of mine. She wanted me to write a simple melody, so I decided to write about the uncertainty of the future, and how we should never stop expecting the worst. When the worst comes, use it to make something great. I turned the project into a full song shortly after.
Thank you for the inspiration, Des.

Cover art features a few photos of a place where my friends and I gather. We have fires, a nice view, & a place to enjoy each others company.

With the recent losses of friendships, creation of bonds, & the changes that I've experienced, I can say the following -

I might not be content with what has happened to my connections with others in the past, but at this point in time, I wouldn't have my life any other way.


released March 13, 2017



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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